English education for photography in Germany

  • Participate in our English lessons and workshops online or offline
  • Learn to set differnt studios light and how to create differnet styles
  • Experience the importance of raw development and post production

If you live or work in Germany and have problem to find a competend commercial photographer for your articles or want to learn this yourself, Marco Wydmuch from Glamourpixel in Gelsenkirchen is one option. Our experienced commercial photographer and trainer Marco will be your personal trainer in all questions around the photography business if your are motivated amateur or even professional photographer.
We’ll talk about your training needs and current skills and find our a stragetgy for your personal development. Our photo studio in Gelsenkirchen in North-Rhine Westphalia is wel equipped for all jobs in product photography or portraiture. Give us a call or send us an email for an appointment.

best regards

Marco Wydmuch


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